From the recording You Being Loved


You Being Loved(written by Jimmy Dooley & David Gossett)Verse:1/Have you ever caught a smile walking down the street, Been lifted up by the words that a friend would speak, Has your iphone ever picked the perfect song, In the shuffle of a messed up day gone wrong. Were there times that, You heard the birds sing a good morning melody to kick off the day, Did the sun rise to meet you from the bright blue sky, When you were caught in the pressure of this crazy life. If you look around, You'll forget out, That's not coincidence
Chorus:/ That's you being loved, That's you being loved. Sometimes the little things that we see everyday, Are God's way of saying that's you being loved
Verse:2/Sometimes we lose sight of the good things in life, Cause we focus on what's wrong & forget what's right, There are days we don't see how much we are blessed, We get blinded by our struggles & consumed by our stress. But Mercy finds us, Our Father guides us, He gives signs everyday just to remind us, That we're surrounded by His love everywhere, Wherever we are going He is already there. If you look around, You'll see without a doubt, There's so much evidence
Repeat Chorus:
Bridge:/ There's living proof, All around you, That you are being loved. You see it displayed in so many ways, That you are being loved
Repeat Chorus: