1. The Broken You

From the recording The Broken You


The Broken You(Written by Jimmy Dooley)V:1/ I know all about you, There's nothing you can hide that I haven't already seen, There's no secrets between you & me, no no. You cover up what's inside, Afraid that I'm going to leave, If I see the real you, And all the things you've been through. But I see who you are not what you've done, There are no conditions to my love, Even at your worst I see the best in you.
 Chorus:/ I'm going to love you when you fall, I'm going to hold you in my arms. I will put the fragments of your heart back together again. There's no such thing as “messed up too much” No such place as “not good enough” In spite of all your flaws through every scar & bruise, I will love the broken you
V:2/ Damaged goods that no one wants, Your scars tell a story all about guilt & despair, Of a life that seems beyond repair. You don't trust anyone, Betrayed & hurt so much, That it's hard for you to open up & even harder to feel loved. When you're down & out & feeling empty, Show me where it hurts & I will mend it, I will pick you up & carry you until you're strong enough.
Repeat Chorus:/
Bridge:/ You have never lived an unloved moment, You'll always have a place where you belong, So bring all the shame, Bring all your pain, Come just as you are
Repeat Chorus:/