From the recording Save Me From Myself


Save Me From Myself(Written by Jimmy Dooley)V:1/ I fall down, I get up, But then I fall back down again, I fight so hard to be a better man, But it feels like a battle that I can’t win, Somehow failure finds me, Everywhere I turn, I make the same mistakes a million times, It seems like I never learn, So why do I do, These things I don’t want to do, Save me from myself, I’m crying out to you cause
Chorus:/ I’m not the me that I want to be, There’s gotta be a better life for me, I know there’s a better way, I know there’s a better way, I’m praying God will help me change, I’m tired of all this hurt & pain, When I know there’s a better way, I know there’s a better way, So can you save me from myself, So will you save me from myself,(Save me, Save me)
V:2/ I’ve messed up, I’ve fell short, I’ve done some things that I regret, I try hard to put the past behind me, But a guilty conscience, Won’t let me forget, I thought I was strong enough, But now I’m on my knees, When I stare in the mirror, Looking back I see, My own worst enemy, I’m trying to pick myself back up & turn my life around, But only You can save me from myself, You’re my only hope now
Repeat Chorus:/
Outro: Save me, Please Save me, Save me from myself (4x) add lib between