From the recording Pain Is Real But So Is Hope


Pain Is Real, But So Is Hope(Written by Jimmy Dooley)V:1/ A true life story, Not something that's imagined, You've been a witness, To the dreams that have been shattered. You're left speechless, There's no words to describe, How deep the hurt goes, When it cuts you like a knife, Sometimes you have to walk through darkness to step into the light, but don't give up the fight
Chorus:/ Pain can break you down, But hope builds you up again, When pain tells you that it's over, Hope says this is not the end. So keep going & keep holding on when you feel like letting go, Cause pain is real, but so is hope.
V:2/ I've seen it happen, Beauty rise from ashes, With new beginnings, As hope broke through the shadows. Your future is brighter, Than how it looks right now, Don't stop believing, Let faith consume your doubt. You're walking through the darkness now, But soon you'll step into the light, So don't give up the fight
Repeat Chorus:/
Bridge:/ The pain deep inside you says “give up & walk away” But hope is telling you to stay.
Repeat Chorus