From the recording I Have Overcome


I Have Overcome(Written by Jimmy Dooley)V:1/ If I could tell you one thing, That I learned along the way, Is that it wasn’t always easy, But I wouldn’t change a thing, I’ve went through some hard times, There were days I felt alone, I remember many sleepless nights, When I was barely hanging on, When life knocked me down, I’d get back up every time that I would fall, And love conquered all, Oh love conquered all
Chorus:/ I have overcome, I have overcome, There were times my faith was tested, But I never gave up. I have overcome, I have overcome, I’ve been through the fire & through the rain, But I’m still standing strong. I have fought a lot of battles, Some I’ve lost, And some I’ve won, But I’m an overcomer, There’s nothing I can’t overcome
V:2/ I know what it feels like, To face this world on your own, To suffer pain, hurt & rejection, To search for strength to carry on, But I know what it feels like, To stand on a mountaintop, To live life to the fullest, And to love with all you’ve got, When life knocks us down, Someone will be waiting, To catch us when we fall, Cause love conquers all, Oh love Conquers all
Repeat Chorus:/ (2x)