1. It Hurts

From the recording It Hurts


It Hurts(Written by Jimmy Dooley)V:1/ Another day, And here you are, Another losing fight, Can't let them see, Don't let it show, You keep it hidden deep inside. You tell yourself, To shake it off, That it will be alright, Try to be strong, Hold back the tears, Don't ever let them see you cry, Afraid that they will think you're weak if you say how you feel, So many secrets in your heart, Pain is the only thing that's real
Chorus:/ You pretend you're standing tall even when you're falling down, And you say everything is fins but there is nothing working out, You try to be brave, Smile through the pain, Convince everyone they don't need to be concerned, but I know it hurts, I know it hurts
V:2/ Try to forget, But can't forget, You still remember well, Life took a turn, You hadn't planned, In the struggle you lost yourself, Built walls so high, That no one else could ever get to you, Been hurt so bad, You've hurt so long, You question what you thought was truth, But sometimes pain's the teacher of the lessons we must learn, Sometimes life is fair, But other times it hurts.
Repeat Chorus (2x)