1. It Gets Better

From the recording It Gets Better


It Gets Better(Written by Jimmy Dooley)Verse:1/ Right Now, Things aren’t looking good, Times are tough & hope is hard to come by. And Somehow, when one problem ends another one begins, You can’t get ahead. Is there a light at then end of the darkness? You question if you can keep going on. But don’t give up, don’t get discouraged, soon these troubles will be gone.
Chorus:/ It gets better (better) It’s not gonna be like this forever, You are gonna smile again, Your situation’s gonna change, The sun is gonna shine again, Tomorrow is a new day. Somehow it will all work out, Hard times don’t last forever. I promise, It gets better,
Verse:2/Sometimes, Life can knock us down, It hurts so bad, We feel like giving up. And You cry, Cause it seems to you, That things just keep on going from bad to worse. But there is a light at the end of the darkness, Keep your head up & keep going on, Don’t ever give up, Don’t you get discouraged, Cause soon these troubles will be gone.
Repeat Chorus:/
Bridge:/ So tell you heart to dream again, Tell your heart believe again, Tell your heart to love again, You’ll overcome again, This isn’t the end!
Repeat Chorus:/