1. Good Enough

From the recording Good Enough


Good Enough(Written By Jimmy Dooley) Verse:1/ You feel so misunderstood, The way they look at you, They think they know everything, But haven’t got a clue, The things that you hear them say, Have cut you to the bone, Those words that they said hurt you, More than any sticks & stones, But you don’t have to let opinions make you feel insecure, Just be yourself & boldly walk the path of who you are because
Chorus:/ You’re good enough, Good enough, You’ll never know how much you are loved, And you are so perfect, Just the way that you are, You’re good enough, Good enough, Don’t try to be someone that you’re not. You can’t be replaced, You are one of a kind, So put a smile on your face, Lift up your voice & say, I’m good enough, Good enough, I am good enough
Verse:2/ There’s a great purpose for your life, That’s why God put you on this Earth, So don’t ever let anyone make you feel less than you’re worth, You don’t have to be afraid, To let the real you show, So take off that mask you’re wearing, And let everybody know, That nobody’s opinion, Will make you feel insecure, Just be yourself & boldly walk the path of who you are, Because
Repeat Chorus:/
Bridge:/ It doesn’t matter how short you are, How tall you are, How big you are, How small you are, What matters is how you live your life, We’re all different in our own way, So there’s no need to be ashamed, Embrace the differences in you, They make you who you are, and you are
Repeat Chorus:/